Athletics> Ultimate Frisbee Club (UFC)

Teamwork. Athleticism. Spirit. The Anderson Ultimate Frisbee Club is for anyone who loves the game. From beginners to seasoned veterans, we hope to share Ultimate Frisbee with the greater Anderson community. With weekly games that lead up to beach tournaments, the year culminates in the annual C4C weekend at Stanford. Come see why the Anderson Ultimate Frisbee Club is the hottest group on campus!


UFC Officers


Sunghyun Yang


Jason Besecky


Dongjin Hahm

VP of Events

Ellis Luk

VP of Acquisition

Abraham Kim

VP of Strategy

Alex Kua

VP of Finance

Anita Ho

VP of Admissions

Larry Chang

VP of Club Development

Radi Alzayer

VP of International Relations

Toshi Kageyama

VP of Practice

Yin Wang

VP of Communications

Karen Lu

VP of Outreach



Ultimate Ultimate Frisbee Competition (UUFC)

Our annual ultimate Frisbee competition allows students to compete in multiple rounds of frisbee games to determine which team is the school champion.