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The UCLA Anderson Soccer Club focuses on the love of the "World's Game," soccer, and unites more than 70 students representing the international diversity on campus. The club also represents UCLA Anderson both on the athletic field and outside of Los Angeles during competitions, which includes the C4C competition at Stanford (attended by more than 1,000 MBA students), the University of Texas MBA soccer tournament (featuring over 20 business schools), the annual UCLA Anderson soccer tournament (featuring over 20 business schools), and weekly intraclub soccer matches. We are a truly inclusive club with a multitude of nationalities sharing a common passion, and provide an outlet to complement the academic and professional experiences at Anderson.


SC Officers


Alfredo Noriega


Gian Broggi


Michael Snyder

VP of UCLA Tournament

Oumar Toure

VP of Austin Tournament

Donato Brito

VP of Finance

Anndrea Nelson

VP of FEMBA Relations



UCLA Anderson Soccer World Cup

Our annual competition held in November, comprised of students from MBA schools from all over the U.S. to compete in a tournament.

UCLA IM Tournaments

In this tournament, UCLA Anderson competes against all other UCLA soccer clubs in both indoor and outdoor soccer competitions.

UT Austin Texas Winter Classic

Each year at the end of February, the UCLA Anderson Soccer Club travels to Austin to compete against all other MBA teams for the Texas Winter Cup.