All conference events will take place at the UCLA Anderson School of Management.

2015 Wilbur K. Woo Greater China Business Conference

11:30 am - 1:00 pm

REGISTRATION & CHECK-IN | Korn Convocation Hall Foyer, Entrepreneurs Hall  

11:30 am - 12:45 pm

Open to UCLA Students Only. RSVP Required. Space is Limited.
Mickey Hsu | Vice President, Recruiting Manager, Cathay Bank 
David L. York
| Southern California Market Recruiting Leader, PwC  
Sean Luo Xiangyang | President, China Mobile International (USA) Inc., China Mobile International Ltd.
Susan Pertel Jain | Executive Director, UCLA Confucius Institute

MODERATOR:  Alan Chu | Partner, China Business Network Leader, PwC

1:00 - 1:30 pm

Judy D. Olian | Dean and John E. Anderson Chair in Management, UCLA Anderson 
Michael K. Woo | Son of Wilbur K. Woo; Dean, College of Environmental Design, Cal Poly Pomona 
Dunson K. Cheng | Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Cathay General Bancorp; Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Cathay Bank

1:30 - 2:15 pm

William Yu | Economist, UCLA Anderson Forecast   
Alan Chu | Partner, China Business Network Leader, PwC

2:15 - 3:00 pm

PLENARY SESSION I | Korn Convocation Hall

INNOVATION: A Two-Way Interchange between the United States and China

Shang Li | General Manager, USA   
Stella Li | Senior Vice President, BYD; President, BYD Motors, Inc.  
Sean Luo Xiangyang | President, China Mobile International (USA) Inc., China Mobile International Ltd. 
Susan Yao | Regional Manager, Broad USA

MODERATOR:  Ira Kasoff |Member, APCO International Advisory Council; Former Deputy Assistant Director of Commerce for Asia  

Description: Innovators around the world are no longer content with doing business in just one market, one country or even one continent. Innovation and technology have provided new ventures with the potential to capture values globally much faster than traditional industries. Successful business models are being transplanted cross-border, ventures in the U.S. and China are forming alliances, companies are globalizing and foreign capital is financing projects. Greater opportunities now exist for the globalization of Chinese companies and also entrepreneurs to expand their footprint and realize their global ambition through innovation and global collaboration. Panelists will share their experiences driving innovation through new strategies, technologies and products, and their successes and lessons learned in engaging in cross border collaborations.

3:00 - 3:15 pm

BREAK & REFRESHMENTS | Korn Convocation Hall Foyer 

3:15 - 4:00 pm


MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT (CROSS-BORDER): Connecting the Two Markets Through Creativity and Innovation | Korn Convocation Hall 

Craig Dehmel (’98) | Executive Vice President, International Distribution, 20th Century Fox Filmed Entertainment
Ellen Eliasoph | President and Chief Executive Officer, Village Roadshow Pictures Asia
Jon Niermann ('95) | Chief Executive Officer and Founder, FarWest Entertainment; Former President, Electronic Arts Asia
Peter Shiao | Founder and CEO, Orb Media Group

MODERATOR:  Stephen Saltzman | Partner, Loeb & Loeb LLP 

Description: The past year has seen significant growth in U.S.-China cross-border activity in media and entertainment. Recognizing an expanding appetite among Chinese consumers for a premium entertainment experience, U.S. companies are actively seeking a local presence and exploring strategies to take advantage of the growing potential. At the same time, Chinese companies continue to demonstrate ambition and interest in promising investment opportunities for global exposure and impact in the United States. Both markets are benefitting from strengthened linkages through increased collaboration in creative development, technological innovation and cultural exchange. In this session, speakers will share their experience and understanding of current developments of the U.S.-China cross border media and entertainment industry, as well highlight their observations and predictions on future growth opportunities and challenges ahead.

FOOD & AGRICULTURE (CROSS-BORDER): A New Era of Collaboration for the U.S.-China Agricultural Sector |D-301      

Hua Liu | Chief Executive Officer and President, China Fisheries North America    
Simon W. Shao 
| Chief Executive Officer, Green Pasture International Inc.; Chair of the Board and Chief Executive Officer Landwill, LLC.
Richard (Dick) Wollack 
| Founder, Managing Principal, Fulton Capital Advisors

MODERATOR:  Jerry Nickelsburg | Adjunct Professor of Economics, UCLA Anderson; Senior Economist, UCLA Anderson Forecast

Description: There is a long history of U.S.-China collaboration in agriculture however over the years, the relationship and dependency has grown broader and deeper with tremendous benefits for both countries. The World Bank forecast that in 2014, the agricultural sector would account for approximately 13% of China's GDP. As the world's largest producer and consumer of agricultural products, China continues to rapidly integrate best practices from abroad, while also developing homegrown innovations, in order to meet the growing food needs of a large and increasingly wealthy Chinese population. The United States has in many ways set the global standard for agricultural innovation with its knowledge and expertise in areas such as food safety, loss and waste prevention and quality management. China is a very important international market for U.S. food and agricultural products. Panelists will share their views on the growing demand and trade volume between China and the U.S., and explore China's investments in the United States as food safety and satisfying growing domestic demand become increasingly important, and what strategies are necessary to further enhance the needed collaboration between their respective sectors.

FINANCE & TAX (U.S. OUTBOUND): Developing Effective and Successful Finance and Tax Strategies to Enter and Grow in China | C-315

John Coelho | Partner, Head of Venture Capital Investment, StepStone Global
Windy Ng
| International Transfer Pricing Director, PwC

MODERATOR:  Eugenia Rao | Tax Partner, PwC

Description: With closer Sino-American relations and the emerging importance of the Chinese economy, China has become one of the top markets for business and investment activities for foreign companies. However, the investment environment as well as finance and tax rules and regulations can be complex, and companies need to apply appropriate strategies to increase their chances of success and enhance their footprint in the Chinese market. This panel will discuss how companies are revisiting their finance and tax strategies and looking for ways to optimize operations while being adaptable to China's evolving conditions. Panelists will examine key success factors of investing in China, such as tax incentives, exchange controls, and financing options and review the opportunities and challenges that come along with these evolving conditions and help identify strategies for success and ensure compliance with rules and regulations.

4:15 - 5:00 pm


INVESTMENT FINANCING (U.S. INBOUND): Trends and Effective Investment Financing Strategies of Chinese Companies Entering the U.S. Market | Korn Convocation Hall 

Rex Hong | First Vice President, China Business Relationship Manager, Cathay Bank  
Brian Peck | Deputy Director, International Affairs & Business Development, Office of Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr.     
Frank Xu | President, A&J Capital Investment Inc.

MODERATOR:  Gregory Karns | Partner, Cox, Castle & Nicholson 

Description: As the U.S. economy continues to expand, it is attracting significant global capital. However, investing and doing business in the U.S. can be complex. Although China and the U.S. have enjoyed strong economic ties for a number of years, it has not been until the last few years that Chinese investment in the U.S. has increased so rapidly due to the current investment environment in the U.S. and a more supportive policy environment in China. According to Rhodium Group's data, direct investment from China rose from $4 billion in 2010 to $14 billion in 2013. This panel will discuss the trend of Chinese investment in the U.S. and investment financing strategies of Chinese investors including joint venture partnerships, strategic alliance and mergers and acquisitions.

HEALTHCARE (CROSS-BORDER): Opportunities and Growth Strategies in Healthcare  |C-315

Erik Avaniss-Aghajani | Vice President, Primex Clinical Laboratories Inc.      
Lin Bai | Executive Vice President, Youcare Pharmaceutical Group Co    

MODERATOR:  Aaron U. Levy | Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Emerging Transformational Ventures and Asia Strategic Growth Enterprises 

Description: China's booming healthcare sector is becoming one of the most favored industry sectors for investors. Hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical companies and medical equipment manufacturers have drawn much attention. Driven by demand for expanded healthcare services, M&A activity in China rose to a record $18.5 billion in 2014, according to Thomson Reuters. Foreign investment, private-equity firms and medical institutions are poised to capitalize on untapped opportunities.  At the same time, Chinese healthcare companies are looking to expand their presence abroad as well as introduce best-practice techniques into their core business operations and large-cap pharmaceutical and medical device companies are seeking greater global expansion opportunities. Panelists will share insights into growth strategies of the healthcare sector, discuss areas that provide the greatest opportunities for cross-border success, and share their own experience in capturing these opportunities, as well as mitigating the risks and challenges encountered in connecting healthcare across the pacific.

REGULATORY, LEGAL & COMPLIANCE (CROSS-BORDER): A Path to Successful Cross-Border Investment in the Changing Legal and Regulatory Landscape  | D-301

David Orenstein | Founding Partner, Palisades Capital Partners  
Alan Pomerantz 
| Senior Counsel, Pillsbury            
Jinshi 'John' Zhang  | Partner, Dentons 

MODERATOR:  Gonzalo Freixes | Associate Dean, Senior Lecturer of Accounting and International Business Law, UCLA Anderson

Description: With the slowdown of Chinese economic growth, the next generation of investment regulations that encourage and protect foreign investment is being rolled out. Meanwhile, the strict enforcement of foreign corruption law, new environmental protection law, and other regulatory changes, create uncertainty as well as generate challenges and opportunities to U.S. companies looking to enter the Chinese market. Chinese companies looking to enter, invest and do business in the United States also face their own issues. Panelists will address the current regulatory environment and discuss approaches and strategies to navigate through these complexities and the waves of change in legal, regulatory and compliance considerations to minimize risk and achieve cross-border investment success.

5:15 - 6:00 pm

PLENARY SESSION II | Korn Convocation Hall   

REAL ESTATE (U.S. INBOUND): China's Surging Investment and Development in the U.S. Real Estate Market -Opportunities, Risks, and Diversified Strategies

Feng Feng | Co-Founder and Managing Partner, U.S.-China Real Estate Investment Center 
Wei Huang 
| Manager of Acquisitions, LT Global Investment Inc.
Tingting Han | Managing Director, Beijing Construction and Engineering Group, U.S. Operations
Skip Whitney | Executive Vice President, Partner and China Services Leader, Kidder Mathews      

MODERATOR:  Mark Karlan | Lecturer of Real Estate Finance and Investments, UCLA; Former Executive Managing Director, CBRE Global Investors

Description: The United States has long served as a beacon for foreign investment and business opportunities. With a strong economy, increasingly favorable exchange rate, and opportunities for diversification greater capital flow from China has been entering into the major U.S. real estate markets, such as New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Traditionally viewed as a core investment, Chinese companies are capitalizing on the opportunity to develop and invest in large scale commercial, residential and mixed use projects in the United States, further strengthening the growth of the domestic real estate market in the U.S. This panel will review diversified models and strategies for real estate development and investment and examine success stories of various real estate initiatives. Panelists will also share valuable insights into future opportunities and discuss some of the challenges that are influenced by various risk factors such as the global economy, local regulations, legal, management, and tax considerations.

6:00 - 8:00 pm

NETWORKING RECEPTION | Executive Dining Room, Gold Hall 

2015 Wilbur K. Woo Greater China Business Conference