All conference events will take place at UCLA Anderson School of Management.

12:00 - 1:00pm   REGISTRATION & CHECK-IN | Korn Convocation Hall Foyer (Entrepreneurs Hall)

1:00 - 1:15pm   WELCOME REMARKS | Korn Convocation Hall
Judy D. Olian | Dean, John E. Anderson Chair in Management, UCLA Anderson School of Management
         Michael K. Woo | Son of Wilbur K. Woo; Dean, College of Environmental Design, Cal Poly Pomona          

1:15 - 1:30pm   KEYNOTE ADDRESS | Korn Convocation Hall
John Chiang | California State Controller

Korn Convocation Hall
        William Yu | Economist, UCLA Anderson Forecast
        Siu Fung Chan | Partner, Head of Strategy Consulting, PwC China

2:15- 3:00pm  PLENARY SESSION I | Korn Convocation Hall

CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: Developing Socially Responsible Strategies As Companies Expand Their Global Footprint
John S. Long | President and CEO, Highridge Partners, Inc.
Esther Wee | Senior Vice President, Director of Marketing & CRA Officer Cathay Bank
Jim Zhan | Chief Representative, Los Angeles Office and Director of Mobile Business, China Telecom (Americas) Corporation
Chris Baca | Executive Director, Meals on Wheels West; Former Regional Development Director, Community Health Charities of America
Moderator: Alan Chu | Partner, China Business Network, PwC

The United States is a growing investment destination for Chinese companies looking to expand globally. As Chinese companies grow the scale of their operations in the United States, they are seeking out opportunities to make an impact in the community in which they are investing and looking to grow their business. They recognize that to become a successful global company, being a good corporate citizen helps to facilitate communications and cooperation between Chinese and U.S. companies and within the local communities.  In this panel, speakers will share examples of what they have done to help bridge gaps, assimilate, give back and create a cultural awareness and appreciation within the local community.

3:00 - 3:15pm  BREAK & REFRESHMENTS | Foyer


REAL ESTATE & HOSPITALITY: Success, Opportunities and Implications of China's Diversified Investments in the National and Regional Real Estate Markets of the United States | Korn Convocation Hall 
Bill Zhou | Founding Partner, U.S.-China Real Estate Investment Center 
Onno F. Zwaneveld | Executive Vice President, CBRE Brokerage Services
Senior Representative | Oceanwide Real Estate Group
Moderator: Gregory Karns | Partner, Cox, Castle & Nicholson, LLP

Fueled by confidence in U.S. economic recovery and need for capital diversification, China has recently made the United States real estate market a top destination for its overseas investment. Investment from various sources, such as state wealth funds, domestic developers, high worth enterprises and individuals plays an increasingly visible part of development and investment in large-scale commercial and residential real estate projects in the United States. Concentrated in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York, China's investments covers a rich spectrum of property types and investment forms (single/multi-family residential properties, retail/office/hotel buildings, and real estate investment trusts). The magnitude and success of Chinese-led real estate developments and investments signal the growing impact of Chinese counterparts in the U.S. economy and the interconnectivity of Sino-American business and economic relations. This panel will examine the success stories of various real estate initiatives undertaken by Chinese investors and shed light on the key lessons learned from this inbound investment activity. The panelists will also share valuable insights into Chinese investors' future opportunities, risks, and challenges influenced by economic, legal, management, and tax considerations.

INVESTMENT FINANCING: Developing Effective Investment Strategies for Chinese Companies Entering the U.S. Market | C- 315
Charles Ong | General Manager, Overseas Chinese Banking Corporation (OCBC) Bank, Los Angeles Agency
John Ho | Managing Director, U.S. Real Estate Business Division, Landsea Group
Eugenia Rao | Tax Partner, PwC
Roland Xu | Transaction Services Partner, PwC China
Moderator: Jerry Nickelsburg | Adjunct Full Professor and Senior Economist, UCLA 

For decades, the United States has offered significant opportunities for foreign investors. However, investing and doing business in the U.S. can be complex.  Although the U.S. offers many financial incentives to build a business, there may be effective and economical alternatives, such as investing in an existing business or industry. Chinese inbound investment has experienced rapid growth and the trend is likely to continue. In light of the current investment environment in the U.S. and a more supportive policy environment for Chinese outbound investors, this panel will review various, investment financing strategies available to Chinese investors looking to enter the U.S., including mergers and acquisitions, joint venture partnerships and strategic alliances, going public, as well as federal and state incentives available.

TECHNOLOGY: The Increasing Global Impact and Competiveness of Chinese Technology Companies: Trends, Strategies and Challenges | C-301
Iris Lei | Founder and Executive President, Silicon Valley Technology Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum; Founder and CEO, 99people Inc.
Sean Luo Xiangyang | President, China Mobile International (USA) Inc., China Mobile International Ltd.
Michael Zhang | Chief Financial Officer, Transfuels; Vice President, ENN Group
Moderator: Phillip Leslie | Associate Professor of Strategy, UCLA Anderson

With the successful experience and confidence gained in the Greater China region, leading Chinese technology companies are actively seeking opportunities to enter the U.S. market. Different strategies have been designed and implemented by Chinese companies to enhance their competitiveness in the United States, including investment in marketing, collaboration with local companies, and direct acquisitions. Although there have been many success stories over the last few years, serious challenges also need to be addressed, such as security and intellectual property concerns from the U.S. government, cultural differences, and human resource management. In this panel, speakers will share their experiences and vision on the globalization process of Chinese technology firms.


REGULATORY, LEGAL & COMPLIANCE: Charting a Path to Investment Success Through Regulatory and Compliance Issues | Korn Convocation Hall 
Damon Burrows | Vice President; Associate General Counsel, Allergan Inc.
Owen Murray | Partner, Forensic Services, PwC
Yi-Chin Ho | Litigation Partner, Latham & Watkins LLP
Moderator: Gonzalo Freixes | Associate Dean, Senior Lecturer of Accounting and International Business Law, UCLA Anderson

Foreign companies face a number of complex risk compliance issues in China's dynamic regulatory environment, including merger and acquisition regulations, changing labor laws, foreign corruption laws, and much more. This panel will address compliance issues that U.S. companies encounter when investing and doing business in China. Panelists will share approaches and anecdotes of how to achieve success in navigating through the often uncertain and ever changing sea of legal, regulatory and compliance issues that foreign investors must navigate.

TALENT DEVELOPMENT: Successful Strategies to Address Cross-Border Talent and Bi-Cultural Issues | C- 315  
Lisa Chen | Managing Director, Aon China Business Group N.A.
Anderson Lin | Marketing Director, ChinaCache Global Anderson Lin | Marketing Director, ChinaCache Global
Jinshu "John" Zhang | Partner, Edwards Wildman Palmer LLP
Elana Siegel | Senior Vice President Human Resources, Princess Cruises
Moderator: Robert McCann | Associate Dean of Global Initiatives, UCLA Anderson 

Human capital issues typically rank among the top challenges facing foreign companies in China and the situation is becoming even more competitive as foreign firms also now look to compete with local enterprises for top talent. At the same time, native Chinese have more opportunities than ever to step out of their homeland and gain experience in mature markets around the world such as the United States. The exchange of talent between the U.S. and China brings enormous opportunities as well as challenges to multinational companies. Large synergies exist for U.S. multinational companies to recruit Chinese talent however, cross-border and bi-cultural issues remain a challenge. Panelists will discuss how companies view and address talent and HR challenges and review what the situation looks like from the talents' perspective.

FINANCE & TAX: Succeeding in China: Understanding New Business Opportunities and Challenges in the Reforming Chinese Market | C-301
Eugenia Rao | Tax Partner, PwC 
James H. Zukin | Co-Founder, Houlihan Lockey
Yungtai Hsu | CEO and President, Pacific Auto Company, Pacific Best Inc.
Roland Xu | Transaction Services Partner, PwC China
Moderator: Eric Sussman | Senior Lecturer of Accounting

Since the introduction of the "reform and opening up" policy in 1978, China has witnessed massive economic transformation, allowing a large number of U.S. companies to enter and succeed in its thriving market. In recent years, with a new wave of financial reforms, including the opening of Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone, China is again offering a unique opportunity for investors around the world to expand their businesses within its border. In this panel, speakers will not only examine the changes in China's financial and tax policies on foreign investors, but also interpret the opportunities and challenges that come along with these changes and help identify strategies for success.

5:15 - 6:00pm   PLENARY SESSION II | Korn Convocation Hall

FILM & ENTERTAINMENT: Cross-Border Investment in Film and Entertainment: Connecting Capital, Technology and Culture 
Peter Shiao | Founder and CEO, Orb Media Group
David Unger | Talent and Literary Agent, Resolution Agency
Michael Andreen | Producer; President, LeVision Pictures U.S.
Moderator: Lindsay Conner | Partner and Co-Chair, Entertainment and Media Practice, Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP

Linkages between the United States and China in the film and entertainment industry have strengthened over recent years. With the aspiration and ambition to increase global exposure and impact, Chinese companies are actively seeking investment opportunities in the United States. At the same time, in recognition of the great potential of the Chinese market and the creativity and innovation it offers, U.S. companies are getting more interested and engaged with promising investments and collaborations. The increased cross-border interactions are beneficial to both sides and promote profound exchange in both technology and culture. In this session, speakers will share their experience and vision on the current status of the U.S.-China cross border film and entertainment industry, as well highlight the benefits and obstacles and share their predictions on future trends for the industry.

6:00 - 8:00pm   NETWORKING RECEPTION | Executive Dining Room (Gold Hall)

2014 Wilbur K. Woo Greater China Business Conference