SCTL Roundtable July 10-12 2013

Session Guidelines

  1. The committee and the session organizers are encouraged to invite academic thought leaders from other disciplines to provide fresh perspectives on given topics of interest, and to include key experts and leaders from industry or government.

  2. When possible, the session leader should focus on introducing new problems, rather than solutions, and should design the session in a way that elicits discussion.

  3. The session organizer should attempt to provide the forum with recent industrial developments that our research community may not be familiar with and that require in-depth analysis to investigate their impact on the future of SCM. Examples: what sorts of exciting/innovative initiatives, processes or technologies are happening in the supply chain business world? What types of new challenges emerge?

  4. When relevant, the session organizer should try to connect the discussed topic to the relevant existing body of research knowledge. The purpose is not to give a survey of existing research, but to identify gaps in the literature. For example, is there any substantial difference between the way we model processes and the way they actually work in practice?

  5. If possible, the session organizer should generate and discuss 1-2 ideas for potentially impactful research themes that fit our research community's agenda and skills.

  6. Session leaders need to be strong and be given ample room to cut discussions and presentations short.