SCTL Roundtable July 10-12 2013


Session 3: Regulation and Operations (Ananth Iyer, with Jan Fransoo and Hirofumi Matsuo)
Background materials:
Ananth Iyer, presentation
Hiro Matsuo, presentation
Jan Fransoo, presentation

Session 4: Bringing Manufacturing Back to North America and Europe (Jan Fransoo, Aleda Roth)
Background materials:
- Giffi, Roth, Chadhuri, Gangula, McDougle, Hanley and Drew, 2013 Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index Report
- US Manufacturing Competitiveness Initiative, 2011, Make: An American Manufacturing Movement
"Choosing the United States"
"Made in America, Again"

Session 5: Sustainable Operations, Working Towards Zero Footprint at Patagonia; discussion with Doug Freeman, COO; Cara Chacon, Director of Social & Environmental Responsibility, and Rachel Cantu, Sr. Director, Materials R&D and Quality
Background materials:
- Patagonia’s Footprint Chronicles
- Our CSR page
- California Transparency in Supply Chains Act page

Session 8: Supply Chains to protect US and EU Citizens from Sub-Standard, Falsified, Counterfeit Medicines and Medical Devices (Prashant Yadav)
Background reading:
- Countering the Problem of Falsified and Substandard Drugs, Institute of Medicine, 2013.